Item Coversheet

AGENDA DATE:November 2, 2021

Consider a Request for a Residential Replat for Lot 1, Block L and Lot 1, Block M, The Farm; Generally Located Approximately 900 Feet East from the Northeastern Corner of the Intersection of Ridgeview Drive and Alma Drive. (PL-100821-0013) [Watter's Edge at The Farm]


Hayley Angel, AICP

Planning Manager


Planned Development No. 72 - Approved October, 1986

Planned Development No. 72 - Approved October, 1998

Planned Development No. 72 - Approved March, 2005

Planned Development No. 134 - Approved January, 2018

Planned Development No. 134 - Approved July, 2020

Preliminary Plat - Approved October, 2020

Final Plat - Approved February, 2021

Revised Preliminary Plat - Approved April, 2021



The property is generally located on the north side of Ridgeview Drive, approximately 900 feet east of the northeastern corner of the intersection of Alma Drive and Ridgeview Drive. The properties to the north, east, and west are zoned Planned Development No. 134A (PD-134A) with a base zoning of Mixed Use (MIX). The properties to the south (across Ridgeview Drive) are zoned Planned Development No. 72 with a base zoning of Single-Family Residential (R-5). The subject property is zoned PD-134A with a base zoning of MIX and is in the Neighborhood South Character District. 


In July 2020, City Council adopted a Planned Development with seven Character Districts for a mixed-use development known as The Farm. The Final Plat for the initial infrastructure for the development  was approved in February 2021. A Revised Preliminary Plat for the subject property was approved in April 2021 and showed a subdivision into single-family lots for townhomes.


The Residential Replat is comprised of approximately 11.134 acres of land subdivided into 112 residential lots and five open space lots. The right-of-way of Hay Bale Drive is proposed to be realigned by this plat. City Council has reviewed and approved the abandonment of the existing right-of-way contingent on the approval and recording of the subject plat.


There are two primary points of access from Ridgeview Drive. As the overall development continues through construction, a total of four internal private drives will connect Doris May Drive to the northern portions of the development.


The applicant has requested to add a franchise utility easement in the 30-foot-wide landscape buffer along Ridgeview Drive. While easements are permitted within this landscape buffer, other zoning and subdivision requirements must be met in the remaining area. The Technical Review Committee has not reviewed the location of this easement; its impact on the screening required by Ordinance No. 3761-7-20, Section 3.A.4.a.ii; and its impact on the location of the trail required by Ordinance No. 3761-7-20, Section 5.A.1.c.ii. These requirements are typically reviewed at time of engineering plans and determined to be complete prior to the acceptance of a Final Plat pursuant to Section 8.05.1 of the ALDC.


Section of the ALDC requires that no plat shall be approved until "... adequate provision has been made for adequate public improvements; [and] the plat conforms to all applicable zoning and other regulations." Given the outstanding items for review, staff is recommending that this plat be approved with the following conditions:

  • Demonstrate compliance with easement location as required by Section;
  • Demonstrate compliance with  screening as required by Section 3.A.4.a.ii of Ordinance No. 3761-7-20 and Section of the ALDC; and
  • Demonstrate compliance with hike and bike trail location as required by Section 5.A.1.c.ii of Ordinance No. 3761-7-20 and Section 8.05.1.a.iv.3 of the ALDC.


Staff recommends approval with conditions pending additional review by the Technical Review Committee.


I move to approve with conditions the Residential Replat for Watters Edge at The Farm, as presented.

Residential Replat