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AGENDA DATE:October 19, 2021

Conduct a Public Hearing and Consider a Request to Amend the Development Regulations of Planned Development PD No. 108 Office "O", District F, to repeal Ordinance No. 3815-4-21, and to adopt a Zoning Exhibit, Concept Plan, Landscape Plan, and Building Elevations Relating to the Use and Development of Lot 7, Block G, Bray Central One, Generally Located at the Southwestern Corner of the Intersection of Exchange Parkway and Raintree Circle. (ZN-072321-0013) [Convenience Store with Fuel Sales-905 Exchange Pkwy]


Marc Kurbansade, AICP

Director of Community Development


Planned Development No. 54 - Approved May, 1993

Replat - Approved September 2004

Planned Development No. 108 - Approved October, 2011

Planned Development No. 108 - Approved April, 2021


Public Hearing Sign - Installed October 8, 2021

Property Owner Notices - Mailed October 8, 2021



The subject property is generally located at the southwestern corner of the intersection of Exchange Parkway and Raintree Circle. The property to the north across Exchange Parkway is zoned Planned Development No. 108 (PD-108) with a base zoning designation of Mixed Use (MIX). The property to the south is zoned PD-108 with a base zoning designation of Office (O). The property to the west is zoned Planned Development No. 54 (PD-54) with a base zoning designation of Industrial Technology (IT). The property to the east across Raintree Circle is zoned PD-54 with a base zoning designation of Commercial Corridor (CC).


The subject property is currently zoned Planned Development PD-108 with a base zoning district of O. The original PD 108 was adopted in October 2011 and included eight districts (District A-H), of which the subject property is located in District F. Within the original PD-108, the stated Purpose of District F is as follows:

"District F is comprised of the remaining parcels of an area that has primarily been developed out as medical office. The development pattern and general land use type in place is intended to extend into these remaining individual parcels."


In April 2021, a Planned Development Amendment was approved to permit a convenience store with fuel sales and a medical office building on this property. The southern portion of the lot (1.35 acres+/-) was to be occupied by a medical office use, and the remaining northern portion (1.18 acres +/-) was to be occupied by a convenience store with fuel sales use. This horizontally integrated mixed-use development, due to its medical office component, was viewed by staff to meet the Purpose of District F as previously stated.


In order for the medical office portion of the previously approved development to be feasible, the existing surface detention system would need to be reconstructed as a subsurface system. Subsequent to the prior zoning approval, it was determined by the property owner that this subsurface system would not be a cost-effective option. Therefore, the current proposed plan includes the surface detention system remaining in place, which results in the removal of the prior medical office building component of the development.


It is staff's interpretation that the removal of the medical office component of the previously approved mixed-used development sufficiently deviates from the PD-108, District F Purpose. Therefore, staff is recommending denial of this request.


The Concept Plan shows convenience store with fuel station use generally located on the northern half of the subject site, with the southern half of the site primarily serving to provide surface detention. The proposed convenience store and fuel station are currently not permitted in District F; therefore, the applicant is requesting to allow it as a permitted use. The convenience store is a single-story building with a gross floor area of 4,088 square feet, with 21 parking spaces provided, including two accessible spaces. With regard to site access, one access point is proposed from Raintree Circle, and one access point will be provided via a cross access easement to the western adjacent property.


The fuel sales part of the use is included in a canopy design that meets current design standards as detailed in Section 6.06.2 of the Allen Land Development Code. The proposed fuel sales will be provided via six fuel pumps, or 12 individual stations.


The development regulations include a Landscape Plan (Exhibit "C") and Building Elevations (Exhibit "D"). The primary purpose of the Landscape Plan is to depict the proposed plantings in excess of ALDC requirements surrounding the perimeter of the surface detention pond. Secondarily, the Landscape Plan depicts the proposed plantings that are incorporated into the Hike and Bike Trail along Exchange Parkway and the pedestrian sidewalk along Raintree Circle. The Building Elevations provide a general range of architectural features incorporated into the final design of the proposed convenience store. 


The request has been reviewed by the Technical Review Committee.


Staff recommends denial.

I move to recommend denial of an ordinance to amend the Development Regulations of District F of Planned Development No. 108 Office for approximately 2.535± acres of land, subject to the Zoning Exhibit, Concept Plan, Landscape Plan, and Building Elevations, as presented.

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