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AGENDA DATE:October 15, 2019

Conduct a Public Hearing and Consider a Request to Amend the Development Regulations of Tract A-1 of Planned Development PD No. 92 Corridor Commercial "CC" and to Adopt a Concept Plan, Building Elevations, Open Space Plan, and Open Space Concept Plan for Approximately 7.37± Acres in the Francis Dosser Survey, Abstract No. 280; Generally Located Directly North of Ridgeview Drive and Approximately 393± Feet East of N. Watters Road. (ZN-072619-0053) [Hwy 121 at Watters - Urban Residential]


Marc Kurbansade, AICP

Director of Community Development


Planned Development No. 92 - Approved March, 2004

Preliminary Plat - Approved November, 2004

Planned Development No. 92 - Amended November, 2005

Final Plat - Approved March, 2009

Planned Development No. 92 - Amended February, 2016

Planned Development No. 92 - Amended July, 2016


Public Hearing Sign - Installed October 4, 2019

Public Hearing Letters - Mailed October 4, 2019


November 12, 2019


The subject property is generally located north of Ridgeview Drive and east of Watters Road. All surrounding properties are zoned Planned Development PD No. 92 Corridor Commercial CC.


The subject property is currently zoned Planned Development PD No. 92 Corridor Commercial CC. Planned Development No. 92 was established in March 2004 and amended in December 2004. Tract A of this ordinance, in which the subject property is located, was identified as an entertainment district and focused on lifestyle, recreational, and retail uses. The existing regulations permit a "Lifestyle Center," defined as a "... development [that] will allow for residential, office and service uses to be allowed on second or higher floors," by adoption of a Specific Use Permit.


The applicant is proposing to develop a four-story Urban Residential building. Though a "Lifestyle Center" is permitted through a Specific Use Permit, the applicant pursuing a Planned Development Amendment to request deviations from certain regulations, including parking, open space, and signage.


The subject property is 7.37± acres and shows 470 units in a four-story Urban Residential building and a five-level parking garage. There are two primary points of access into the site - one on Ridgeview Drive and one through a Fire Lane, Access, and Utility easement on Watters Road. The site is also accessible by several internal Fire Lane, Access, and Utility easements.


There is one proposed traffic improvement with the development. On eastbound Ridgeview Drive, there is an existing left-hand turn lane. This will be extended to meet the current minimum Allen Land Development Code requirements, as shown on the Concept Plan.


Parking will be accommodated primarily through a five-level parking garage. There are two points of access into the garage - one on the east side and one on the south side of the structure. The parking garage holds approximately 680 spaces, which is 96% of the provided parking. The remaining 28 spaces are surface parking spaces provided as parallel spaces along the green promenade and as head-in parking near the leasing office and amenity center. The required parking will be one parking space for every bedroom and an additional one space for every five units as guest parking.


The applicant is proposing a reduction in the on-site open space requirements. The Allen Land Development Code requires one acre of open space for every 75 dwelling units. The Open Space Plan shows a reduction to 2.3± acres on site. A green promenade is proposed along the northern property line, connecting to the existing, adjacent water feature as shown in the Open Space Plan. In addition, off-site improvements to a pond on City owned property located approximately 600± feet east of the subject property are proposed. The proposed improvements will include reshaping the pond and adding amenities such as benches, a bike rack, and a water fountain.


The Concept Plan shows retail-ready units on the first floor along three facades. The Allen Land Development Code requires that these areas provide a minimum 14-foot-high ceilings for conversion to commercial uses. The applicant is satisfying this requirement by providing two-story live-work units in these areas.


The building elevations show the approximately 62± foot building with primary building materials of brick and stucco. The parking garage will be constructed of pre-cast concrete. The building elevations show glazing and doors along the retail-ready areas, contributing to the pedestrian realm.


Signage proposed on the property is illustrated in the building elevations and outlined in the development regulations. The applicant is proposing a blade sign and an awning sign on the building. Additionally, there is a monument sign proposed along Ridgeview Drive.


The development regulations describe permitted uses, open space, parking, retail-ready space, screening, signage, and traffic improvement.


The request has been reviewed by the Technical Review Committee.


Staff recommends approval.


I move to recommend approval of an ordinance to amend Planned Development PD No. 92 Corridor Commercial CC for 7.37± acres in the Francis Dosser Survey, Abstract No. 280, subject to the Development Regulations, Concept Plan, Open Space Plan, Open Space Concept Plan, and Building Elevations, as presented.

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