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AGENDA DATE:May 21, 2019

Conduct a Public Hearing and Consider a Request to Amend Specific Use Permit SUP No. 152 for a Gymnastics or Sports Training Facility Use to Increase the Area Subject to the SUP and Update the Parking Study for an Approximately 20,866± Square Foot Portion of a Building Located on Lot 1, Block A, Allen Business Center II; Generally Located Approximately 681± North of E. Bethany Drive and Directly West of S. Greenville Avenue (and Commonly Known as 718 S. Greenville Avenue, Suite 180). (SUP-041119-0026) [Alliance Cheer - Expansion]


Hayley Angel, AICP Candidate



Planned Development PD No. 3 - Approved October, 1981

General Development Plan - Approved March, 2009

Preliminary Plat - Approved April, 2009

Planned Development PD No. 3 - Approved July, 2015

Final Plat - Approved January, 2016

Specific Use Permit No. 152 - Approved February, 2017


Public Hearing Sign - Installed May 10, 2019

Public Hearing Letters - Mailed May 10, 2019


June 11, 2019


The property is generally located approximately 681± feet north of E. Bethany Drive and directly west of S. Greenville Avenue. The properties to the west and south are zoned Planned Development PD No. 3 Shopping Center SC. The properties to east, across Greenville Avenue, Single-Family Residential R-5. The property to the north is zoned Planned Development PD No. 3 Light Industrial LI.


In February 2017, Specific Use Permit (SUP) No. 152 was approved for a 13,095± square foot portion of an existing building for a competitive cheerleading training facility. The applicant is proposing to expand the use and tenant a total of 20,866± square feet. The proposed increase in area requires an amendment to the SUP. 


Staff categorizes a competitive cheerleading training facility use as a Gymnastics or Sports Training Facility use. The property is zoned Planned Development PD No. 3 Light Industrial LI. The Allen Land Development Code requires a Specific Use Permit (SUP) for a Gymnastics or Sports Training use within the LI zoning district.


The current Specific Use Permit allows the use of a 13,095± square foot portion of an existing building. As shown in the attached SUP Site Plan, the tenant is proposing to increase the allowable area to 20,866± square feet. Currently, the applicant has three practice areas for groups, and the proposed expansion would increase to five practice areas. Classes are currently held during evening hours on weekdays and during the weekend. These business hours would continue with the proposed amendment to the Specific Use Permit.


A parking study was provided and approved with the current Specific Use Permit. The applicant submitted the attached amendment to the parking study, and the amendment demonstrated that there would continue to be adequate parking on site.


There are three existing access points into the development--one on S. Greenville Avenue and two through internal Fire Lane, Access, and Utility easements.


There are no proposed changes to the exterior of the building.


The Specific Use Permit request has been reviewed and meets the standards of the Allen Land Development Code.


Staff recommends approval.


I move to recommend approval of an ordinance amending Specific Use Permit SUP No. 152 for a Gymnastics or Sports Training Facility use for a portion of Lot 1, Block A, Allen Business Center II subject to the development regulations, SUP Site Plan, and amended parking study as presented.

Property Notification Map
SUP Site Plan
Amended Parking Study