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AGENDA DATE:May 7, 2019

Conduct a Public Hearing and Consider a Request to Establish a Planned Development Zoning District with a Base Zoning of Central Business District "CBD" and to Adopt Development Regulations, Concept Plan, Building Elevations, Architectural Plan, Open Space Plan, and Street Cross Sections for Approximately 12.28± Acres in the A. B. Perrin Survey, Abstract No. 713 and William Perrin Survey, Abstract No. 708; Generally Located at the Northeast Quadrant of U.S. Highway 75 and W. Main Street and Bounded by Anna Drive, Main Street, U.S. Highway 75, and the Southern boundary of Block A and C of Whisenant Estates Addition. (ZN-113018-0042) [Allen City Center - Urban Residential and Office Uses]


Marc Kurbansade, AICP

Director of Community Development


Public Hearing Sign - Installed March 22, 2019

Public Hearing Notices - Mailed March 22, 2019



*** This item is continued from the April 16, 2019 Planning and Zoning Commission.***


The subject property is generally located at the northeast quadrant of U.S. Highway 75 and W. Main Street and bounded by Anna Drive, Main Street, U.S. Hwy 75, and the southern boundary of Blocks A and C of Whisenant Estates Addition. As depicted on the Concept Plan, there are three properties within this generally boundary that are not included in this request. The properties to the north are zoned Single Family Residential R-5. The properties to the east are zoned Central Business District CBD. The properties to the south are zoned Shopping Center SC and Central Business District CBD. The properties to the west across U.S. Highway 75 are zoned Planned Development No. 54 Corridor Commercial CC.


The subject property is currently zoned Central Business District CBD. A Design Plan was approved in December 2018 by the Central Business District Design Review Committee. The proposed Planned Development would permit a mix of uses consistent with the Central Business District, but consist primarily of Office and Urban Residential uses.


The subject property is 12.28+/- acres, proposed to be developed in four phases with the initial phase occurring in the northwest quadrant of the site. The attached Concept Plan shows the initial phase of the proposed development, which would consist of a total of 267 urban residential units within a single four-story building with an integrated 4-1/2 level structured parking garage. Subsequent phases would be as follows:


  • Phase 2 - 221 urban residential units located in a 4-story building with an integrated 6-level parking structure.
  • Phase 3 - 190 urban residential units located in a 5-story building with an integrated 8-level parking structure to serve the urban residential units and the adjoining five-story office building.
  • Phase 4 - 172 urban residential units located in a 4-story building.


Parking for this building will be locating in the parking structure built in Phase 2 and accessible via a pedestrian bridge. Parking will be provided at a rate of 1.1 spaces per bedroom with 0.1 spaces reserved for guest parking. Based on the mix of dwelling units this will equate to approximately 1.3 spaces per dwelling unit. Parking for the proposed office use will be provided at a rate of one space per 300 square feet of gross floor area.


Vehicular access within and to the project will largely be through existing thoroughfares, with the addition of a privately maintained fire lane/alley to be constructed along the northern boundary of the project. The existing thoroughfares will be improved to meet current standards, with the phasing of these improvements being commensurate with the demand resulting from subsequent development phases of the project. Pedestrian accessibility will include a 12-foot hike and bike trail along the north side of Main Street and west side of Anna Drive. The U.S. Highway 75 frontage will include a 10-ft sidewalk from Main Street to the northern limits of the project. All other internal sidewalks will be a minimum of 6-feet in width.


The transition from the adjacent Whisenant subdivision to the north will be through two primary approaches. First the applicant will coordinate with property owners to the north to determine if a wall or drive access is requested. Based on this coordination, a wall may be constructed at this location. Second, the northern facades of the buildings facing the adjacent subdivision will contain an articulating façade consisting of recesses that will significantly limit the number of units which directly face the adjoining properties to the north.


Open Space within the proposed development will consist primarily of a 0.72+/- acre public park dedication located at the southeast corner of Bonham Drive and Boyd Drive. This will be in addition to the aforementioned Hike & Bike Trails to be located within the development.


The attached architectural elevations depict a an architectural style that was previously approved by the CBD Design Review Committee. The portions of these elevations visible from public view will be a minimum of 85% masonry materials and a maximum of 15% of secondary building materials (e.g., cementitious panels/siding, flat non-corrugated metal panels or exterior grade high pressure laminate panels). Where the exterior facades are not visible from public view, such as interior courtyards, the secondary building materials may be incorporated up to a maximum of 50% of the façade exterior.


Retail-ready space will be constructed at the locations identified in the Architectural Plan. These spaces will be constructed with 14-foot ceiling heights in accordance with Urban Residential standards. Other ground-floor spaces not identified will be constructed with standard ceiling heights as these areas are less conducive to the long-term development of non-residential uses.


Sign regulations will primarily adhere to current ALDC standards. However, there are several signs that were incorporated into the development regulations that are representative of a pedestrian-oriented urban environment. A-Frame/Sandwich Signs; Hanging/Projecting Signs, and Blade Signs. Visual representations of these signs are included in the Development Regulations.


The request has been reviewed by the Technical Review Committee.


Staff recommends approval.

I move to recommend approval of an ordinance establishing a Planned Development zoning district with a base zoning of Central Business District "CBD" for 12.28± acres in the A. B. Perrin Survey, Abstract No. 713 and William Perrin Survey, Abstract No. 708, subject to the Development Regulations, Concept Plan, Building Elevations, Architectural Plan, Open Space Plan, and Street Cross Sections as presented.

Property Notification Map
Development Regulations
Concept Plan
Building Concepts
Open Space Plan
Street Cross Sections