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AGENDA DATE:May 7, 2019
SUBJECT:Conduct a Public Hearing and Consider a Request to Establish a Planned Development Zoning District with a Base Zoning of Townhome Residential "TH" and to Adopt Development Regulations, a Concept Plan, Building Elevations, and a Hardscape and Landscape Plan, for Approximately 4.88± Acres in the McBain Jamison Survey, Abstract No. 491; Generally Located at the Northwestern Corner of the Intersection of S. Jupiter Road and Chaparral Road. (ZN-073018-0024) [Villas at Chaparral]

Marc Kurbansade, AICP

Director of Community Development


Public Hearing Sign - Installed April 26, 2019

Public Hearing Letters - Mailed April 26, 2019



The property is generally located at the northwestern corner of the intersection of Jupiter Road and Chaparral Road. The properties to the north are zoned Single-Family Residential R-5. The property to the east, across Jupiter Road, is zoned Local Retail LR. The properties to the south, across Chaparral Road, are in the City of Plano. The property to the east is zoned Planned Development PD No. 7 Townhome TH.


The property is currently zoned Shopping Center SC. The applicant is requesting to establish a Planned Development for single-family attached product type and to adopt a Concept Plan, Building Elevations, Hardscape and Landscape Plan, and Development Regulations to establish design standards for a new residential community.


The proposed residential development is approximately 4.886± acres. The Concept Plan shows a total of 40 single-family attached (townhome) lots with a minimum lot size of 24-feet x 90-feet. The total gross density equates to 8.19 units/acre. Both the minimum lot dimensions and the maximum density meet the requirements of Section 4.15.2 of the Allen Land Development Code (ALDC).


The Concept Plan also shows applicable minimum side yard setbacks for lots. Side yard setbacks range from a minimum of five feet to six feet, depending whether the lot is adjacent to open space. This is a deviation from the ALDC's minimum requirement of six feet. Additionally, the applicant is requesting to reduce the corner side yard setback from the ALDC's minimum requirement of 15 feet to a minimum of 10 feet.


The Concept Plan also shows a total of 0.78± acres of open space throughout the community. This exceeds ALDC requirements. A five foot wide sidewalk will be built along Chaparral Road and Jupiter Road. Several five foot wide sidewalks will be built throughout the development, both along public streets and to connect the homes.


There are four points of access into the development. There is one access point on Jupiter Road, one access point on Chaparral Road, and two points of access through the adjacent 16 foot alley in the Glen Hollow Addition subdivision. The proposed development would share access to the 16 foot alley. This orientation ensures the proposed development has rear-entry garages, a requirement set forth by the ALDC.


Perimeter screening along Jupiter Road and Chaparral Road consists of an eight foot masonry screen wall as shown in the attached Hardscape and Landscape Plan. The plan also illustrates the proposed signage for the development. While the main subdivision identification sign meets ALDC requirements, the additional signage on adjacent columns exceeds maximum requirements.


The attached Building Elevations show a 100% masonry product with primary building materials such as stone, brick, and stucco. The roofing will primarily be composition shingle roofing with some metal roofing accents. Additional accents include cedar decorative railings and a carriage hardware design on garage doors.


The attached development regulations include setbacks, screening, signage, and visitor parking.


The request has been reviewed by the Technical Review Committee.


Staff recommends approval.

I move to recommend approval of an ordinance to establish a Planned Development with a base zoning of Townhome "TH" for approximately 4.88± acres in the McBain Jamison Survey, Abstract No. 491, subject to the Development Regulations, Concept Plan, and Building Elevations as presented.

Property Notification Map
Development Regulations
Concept Plan
Building Elevations
Hardscape and Landscape Plan