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AGENDA DATE:November 6, 2018

Consider a Request for Alternative Lighting for Arora Chiropractic on Lot 4, Block A, Woods at Watters Road Addition; Generally Located North of Bethany Drive and West of Watters Road (And Commonly Known As 610 S. Watters Road). (AD-102318-0003) [Arora Chiropractic]


Hayley Angel, AICP Candidate



Planned Development No. 55 - Approved January 2000

Planned Development No. 55 - Amended January 2005

Planned Development No. 55 - Amended September 2006

General Development Plan - Approved November 2006

Final Plat - Approved April 2007


This property is located north of Bethany Drive and west of Watters Road. The properties to the north, west, and south are zoned Planned Development PD No. 55 Garden Office. The property to the east (across Watters Road) is zoned Planned Development PD No. 55 Commercial/Office.


The original Planned Development for this development was approved in January 2000, and a General Development Plan was approved in November 2006. A Site Plan for the subject lot, Lot 4, was approved in December 2017.


The Allen Land Development Code requires all parking lot and loading area lighting to comply with the following requirements:

  • Base cover and base, pole, light arm, and luminaire housing shall all be dark bronze in color;
  • Light pole must be square straight steel;
  • Luminaire shall be rectangular or square in shape and have either high pressure sodium or LED fixture;
  • All lighting fixtures shall be fully shielded;


As the attached letter states, the applicant is requesting an alternative design for the parking lot lighting. Section 7.03.4 8b (v), of the ALDC grants Planning and Zoning Commission the ability to approve alternative designs to parking lot and loading area lighting. Alternative Lighting Requests, when approved, allow the Chief Building Official to review and approve a Photometric Plan that utilizes the proposed parking lot lighting poles. The light levels requirements, as outlined by the ALDC, are not impacted by the Alternative Lighting Request.


The applicant is requesting to place round, aluminum poles with round luminaires in these locations. The attached Product Specifications include detailed information and photos.


Staff recommends approval of the request. The alternative lighting will provide an enhanced look for the site and will ensure the site is consistent with the surrounding lots in the development.


I make a motion to approve the Alternative Lighting Request for Lot 4, Block A, Woods at Watters Road Addition; generally located north of Bethany Drive and west of Watters Road, for Arora Chiropractic.

Alternative Lighting Request Letter
Location Map
Produt Specifications