Item Coversheet

AGENDA DATE:October 23, 2018

Receive the Investment Report for the Period Ending September 30, 2018.


Eric Cannon, Chief Financial Officer


Under the Public Funds Investment Act (the Act) the investment officer of an entity must prepare and submit to the governing body a written report of investment transactions for all funds covered by this chapter for the preceding reporting period.  The report must be submitted quarterly.  The attached report, for the period ending September 30, 2018, meets that requirement of the Act.


The Act requires that the following information be presented in the report: beginning market value, ending market value for the period, book value at the beginning and end of the reporting period, the fund type invested and the maturity date.


The Act also requires that the report be prepared and signed by all authorized investment officers verifying that the information presented is accurate.


The investment report summarizes all investment types and provides a summary of total investments by fund group.  Government investments are listed separately and show changes in book and market value during this period.  A list of definitions of terms used in the report is also included.

Investment Report for the Period Ended September 30, 2018
Certify Investment Report
Definition of Terms