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AGENDA DATE:March 27, 2018

Conduct a Public Hearing and Adopt an Ordinance Amending the Allen Land Development Code for the following: Add Section 1.10 Relating to the Interpretation of the ALDC; Amend Section 4.08.5 Relating to the "TH" Townhome Residential District; Amend Section 4.15.2 Relating to Lot Dimensions for Townhomes and Masonry Requirements for Residential Structures; Amend Section 4.15.3 Relating to Certain Non-Residential Front Yard Setbacks in the Corridor Commercial "CC" Zoning Districts; Amend Section 4.20.2 to Add "Personal Service Business" as a Type of Use; Amend Section 6.04.1 Relating to Temporary Use Applications for Carnivals, Circuses, and Fairgrounds; Add Section 6.06.14 Relating to Development Standards for Townhomes; Amend Section 7.05.3 Relating to Non-Residential and Multifamily Landscape Buffers; Amend Section 7.07 Relating to the Height of Fences or Walls; Amend Section - Table 7.23 Adding Regulations Relating to Certain Signs Adjacent to State Highway 121; Amend Section 8.02 and Section 8.03 Relating to the Approval of Plats; Amend Section 8.05.1 to Add Regulations Relating to Sight Visibility Triangles; and, Amend Appendix A by Amending the Definition of "Amusement Commercial (Indoor)", "Medical or Dental Office", and adding a Definition for "Personal Service Business".


Lee Battle, Assistant Director of Community Development


On March 20, 2018, the Planning and Zoning Commission voted 6 in favor (Commissioners Trahan, Platt, Jr., Orr, Autrey, Metevier, and Ogrizovich) and 0 opposed to recommend approval of the proposed amendments to the Allen Land Development Code with the following modifications: (1) the visitor parking requirements be 1.5 spaces per 2 units when constructed with 6 foot driveways and (2) the tree planting requirement be 1 tree per 30 linear feet of street frontage.


Adopt an Ordinance Amending the Allen Land Development Code.


The Allen Land Development Code (ALDC) is periodically amended to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the code, address changing development trends and new technologies, and make changes necessary for compliance with state and federal laws.


The proposed amendments have gone through a review and refinement process with participation from the City Attorney's office.


Attached is a "red-lined" version of the proposed amendments.  Existing language is in black text, changes are shown in red.


On March 20, 2018, the Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval of the request with two modifications.




Newspaper Notice - Published March 1, 2018


Staff recommends approval.


I make a motion to adopt Ordinance No. _______ amending the Allen Land Development Code as proposed.

Red-lined version of proposed ALDC amendments
Draft Minutes from the March 20, 2018 P&Z Meeting